Tote bag with bright & happy blue parrots - vintage artwork
Original bird artwork by F Revesz-Ferryman, Arts & Decoration magazine - 1925
Colorful classic butterfly lover's tote bag
Check out the vintage embroidered butterflies needlework-effect graphic from 1900.
Adorable tabby kitten tote bag - Grey striped cat with party ribbons
This is Oliver. He's a (relatively) fat cat now, who takes over the bed whenever possible - but, luckily, I took a few pictures of him in his wee kittenhood. This one is my favorite.
RetroRainbow roomy neoprene day tote bag with bold multicolored vintage-inspired stripe pattern - Horizontal exterior, vertical interior
Our super stretchy day tote is ready to handle anything you throw in it! Amazing for carrying a change of clothes, a quick trip to the grocery store, or as your biking go-to bag. • Tote made from a soft,...
from $44.00
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