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Who are we?

In a nutshell, we're a company selling clothes, accessories & household goods that feature the unique designs we created, recreated, or rediscovered.

In terms of style, we're a little bit retro revival, a little bit vintage appreciation, and a lot of bright, bold colors and patterns.

So what else makes us different? Well, a few things, including...

  • All products are custom-made after they're ordered.
  • Everything you see for sale here is available only here (with a few exceptions)
  • We add new products often — not just seasonally
  • Who's behind it all?

    This shop was created by me, a writer, editor, web developer mom of four — Nancy — and one of my daughters. We worked for almost a year to launch this small business in our adopted home state of Arizona.

    I also run some content websites, including the one that inspired many of the designs in our shop — the retro wonderland, ClickAmericana.com. I've been working online since 1994, and was even one of the original founders of the powerhouse women's website, SheKnows.com.

    But this shop is more than just a business. As an autism family, purchases made here are especially important, because they directly help us to support, teach and be available for my youngest kiddo, the mighty Quinn.


    We specifically seek out the brands and products with the highest quality -- the fabrics that stretch and hold dye best, the shirts that are comfortable and will stay in shape, the mugs that can go in the dishwasher and keep their beautiful, bright print.

    Locations: As much as possible, our main manufacturing partners produce and/or print these products in North America. 

    Fair practices: We have chosen only manufacturers who use factories where they ensure safety and fair pay.

    No inventory

    The fact that we don't have to stock a warehouse with products accomplishes several goals:

  • We can offer a much wider variety of products than we would if we had to produce everything on spec.
  • We can be much more agile — designing products and making them available in a matter of days, not weeks.
  • Waste is minimized, because we don't need to discard products that didn't sell.
  • Without the need to maintain a traditional retail presence, our business is made possible.
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