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Love that coffee mug: Retro man with a HUGE cup of coffee

Love that coffee mug: Retro man with a HUGE cup of coffee

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The perfect tee for anyone who can't live without plenty of coffee! The main graphic is from the 50s - so you'll get some authentic vintage flair.

Any coffee lover will appreciate this mug, starring an enormous cup of black coffee front and center! Based on retro artwork from the fifties, the dark-haired man in this cartoon illustration holds a steaming hot mug of black coffee or espresso so big that he can barely hold it. What caffeine addict couldn't relate?

Drawing description: A smiling man is holding a supersized white teacup with a handle on a copper/orange background. The word COFFEE is written above his head.

This mug makes a great gift for your favorite coffee lover - and it's something that always fits!

This adorably whimsical & delightfully funny mug would be a great gift idea for your favorite java junkie, or something deliciously delightful for yourself. Drink up!

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