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Antique marbled paper patterns: HUGE set of 62 stunning designs! (Digital download)

Antique marbled paper patterns: HUGE set of 62 stunning designs! (Digital download)

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In this set, you will find more than five dozen different gorgeous vintage hand-marbled paper patterns that have been curated from dozens of different sources. We have restored them all to their original glory so their bright, bold colors and unique patterns can be printed in crisp, high quality!

These digital versions of antique decorated papers can be used for hundreds of different things — craft projects, scrapbooking, gift tags, wrapping paper, decoupage, framed art, greeting cards, invitations, Christmas ornaments, holiday decorations, magnets, jewelry, home decor, mobile wallpapers, desktop backgrounds, and even for DIY bookbinding!

There are so many ways you can use these ornamental old-fashioned graphics, and they are especially beautiful when combined. (See some ideas in the photos on this page.)

They're packaged here as individual high-resolution JPG files — most are around 2200x3300 pixels in size. (That's a print size of about 7-1/3 x 11" at super high quality 300 dpi, or 9 x 13" at good quality 240 dpi. See more details about printing sizes here.) There are 62 large-size images included, and 2 smaller bonus files.

The majority of these vibrant marble-effect images were initially used as decorative endpapers in collectible antique hardback books from the 1800s, and were one-of-a-kind.

These unique designs were created years ago by using an impressive artistic technique. Two or more colors of ink or paint were added to a shallow pan of water, where the colors floated on top. The pigments could be left as-is, stirred, or blown to combine the shades, or a thin metal comb might have been gently pulled through them to produce the very popular feathered effect seen in many of these patterns.

The resulting marbled effects were preserved by delicately laying a piece of paper on top of the finished designs, then carefully lifting it from the water. The paint and ink would stick to the paper, resulting in the wide range of colors and patterns that you see here.

Most of these marbled paper patterns were originally made in France or Italy (particularly Venice), and many of these old creations made their way to America on sailing ships.

Just for this exclusive Click Americana digital download, we started with high-resolution scans, then updated and enhanced the antique images using several modern techniques, including professional photo editing software and AI (artificial intelligence) tools to restore details that might have otherwise been lost to time.

Please see the digital download information below for more details! 

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