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Year 1953 T-shirt with vintage-style "Authentic Limited Edition" distressed graphic

Year 1953 T-shirt with vintage-style "Authentic Limited Edition" distressed graphic

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With retro-inspired style, this brand-new 1953 T-shirt is the living end! 

Hey, Daddy-O, this '53 shirt is available in 10 different colors, each one with a white screened faux-aged graphic we created. You Dig? 

In an old-school stencil-type font, the front of these premium unisex shirts say simply:


That's right - whoever wears this 50s T-shirt will be known to all as the authentic limited edition they truly are.  🤩

If it's not for you to wear, this shirt is the perfect gift for that amazing person in your life who was born in 1953! Grab it now so you have it made in the shade when their birthday comes around.

BTW, Nineteen Fifty-three, was the year that the first Corvette came off the production line in Flint, Michigan.  Burger King opened its first restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida.  Swanson made its first TV dinner, which consisted of a Thanksgiving meal of turkey, cornbread dressing, frozen peas, and sweet potatoes (I guess you had to buy the frozen pumpkin pie separately).

To find out about more vintage classics, click here to take a look at some of the brilliance that existed back in 1953... then order this beauty, and you can flip your lid. 👕

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