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Year 1969 T-shirt with vintage-style "Authentic Limited Edition" distressed graphic

Year 1969 T-shirt with vintage-style "Authentic Limited Edition" distressed graphic

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With retro-inspired style, this brand-new 1969 T-shirt is outta sight! 

Hey all you cats and kittens, this boss '69 shirt is available in 10 different colors, each one with a white screened faux-aged graphic we created. It is far out!!! 

In an old-school stencil-type font, the front of these premium unisex shirts say simply:


That's right - whoever wears this 60s T-shirt will be known to all as the authentic limited edition they truly are.  🤩

If it's not for you to wear, this shirt is the perfect gift for that far out old lady or old man in your life who was born in 1969! Grab this groovy tee now, it will blow their mind when their birthday comes around.  Trust me, it will be dope.

BTW, Nineteen Sixty-nine, was the year that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. More than 350,000 music revelers attended Woodstock in New York.  Sesame Street debuted on NET (National Educational Television). The top movie was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, and the top song was Sugar, Sugar by The Archies.

To find out about more vintage classics, click here to take a look at some of the brilliance that existed back in 1969... So don't be a square, or let the man get you down. Just order these choice threads, and you will have a gas. 👕

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